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    Best way to retain product’s freshness and preserve quality by packing to reserve for long time, to keep ready for out of season and for easy transport of harvested materials, fresh maize, all kinds of silage, alfa alfa or any kinds of cereal , crops, seed etc.  Between the range 25-50 kg bags as your needs. Not only for farmers but also industrially manufacturer prefers for large quantity of manure, fertilizer, pulps of sugarbeet, grain etc... Our machines not only provide a significant contribution in the feeding animals by preserving materials’ longtime freshness and productivity to the livestock sector but also decrease workload of industrial sectors by minimizing the cost and working times.





    - All kinds of cereals, granuls, harvested plants

    - Grains, crops

    - Pulse

    - Kernel

    - Silage of maize & forage

    - Seed

    - Pulp of sugar beet – vegetable -  fruits, patato -  olive, grape

    - Animal feed and TMR

    - Pellet feed or pellet for heating

    - Sawdust

    - Manure/dung.

    - Fertilizer




    WHERE & WHO TO USE ?  


    - Feed factories

    - Sugar factories

    - Fertilizer factories

    - Manure producers

    - Dairy Farms

    - Juice producers

    - Agricultural cooperatives

    - Dairy developments cooperative

    - Silage producer&traders

    - Sugar beet pulp producer&traders

    - Grain-feed traders

    - Farmers dairymen

    - Livestock holders






    - Long Shelf Life

    - Longtime Fresh

    - Rich Nutrient

    - Low K-Labour Cost

    - More Gaining Without spending lost

    - Regular stock, more bags, more products

    - Higher yield out of harvesting season

    - Best size of bag, easy carry, easy transport with optimum weight

    - Total / gross weight or pack qty counter

    - Best solution for industrials, traders, farmers.