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    Best way to retain product’s freshness and preserve quality by packing harvested materials in a range of 25-50 kg bags and also other industrial products such as manure, fertilizer, bolt etc... Our machines n ot only provide a significant contribution in the feeding animals by preserving materials’ longtime freshness and productivity to the livestock sector but also decrease workload of industrial sectors. 

    - 3 in 1 mobile concept (bunker + conveyor + packing unit) is economic and best solution.


    - Entegrated Loading bunker with foldable wings gives oppurtunity for direct loading from trailers, trucks, loaders and

      doesnt require too muct effort.


    -  Entegrated vertical conveyor band provides direct transfer of materials from the bunker to the intaker unit as synchronised

      working with motor drivers.


    - Mobile main chasis with optimum dimension of complete set allows easy international freight in container for seaway.


    - Accurate and Fast Weighing.


    - Top weighing bunker allows regular flow of materials to the bag


    - Two step filling system for fast filling and exact/accurate scaling.


    - Weighing and Filling Unit with movement sensor provides slowly and regular filling the materials and perceive the bags and

      move the bag holders,  save from time.


    - Entegrated bottom band provides smoothly, fast transfering and easy use.


    - Strong press unit brings the packaged material’s smooth appearance, easy packing save from space.


    - Strong air suction ability with vacuum unit, absorb the air inside the bag.


    - Any kind of closing with: Hot sealing, sewing, clipping  up to user demand can be entegrated.


    - All system is operated by the electronic control panel or automation PLC .


    - Air Compressor supplies optimum air amount for all related units.


    - Mechanical Lift Jack prevents any damage by stablizing the machine.


    - Roof structure design gives oppurtunity for indoor/ outdoor working under rain or under sun.


    - Remote Connection for technical support

    Capacity 13-15 Ton/h Required Power  380 V - 50hz - 3p
    Filling Range 25-50 Kg/bag Entegrated Bottom Band 300 cm
    Power Consumption 20 Kw/h Chasis Dimension 820x220 cm
    Filling Bunker Diameter  Ø28 - Ø32 cm  Bunker Dimension 250x260 cm
    Double Axle with Tyres Standart Working Height 320 cm
    Stablizer and Drawbar Standart Transport Height 250 cm