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    Best way to retain product’s freshness and preserve quality by wrapping harvested materials such as silage , pulp, sawdust, all roughage feeds etc.. in range of 100 – 500 – 1000 kg . Our machines provide a significant contribution in the feeding animals by preserving materials’ longtime freshness ( if bale protected under appropriate conditions, protect its freshness long times and productivity so that the expenses stemming from animal feed is minimized.

    - Easy loaded and folding bunker submit easy material loading without to much labour.

    - Speed adjustable conveyor transfers and mix materials to the press room and protect blockage in the throat of the press room.

    - Improved press room provide optimum press with rubber belt.


    - Net wrapping unit help to protect of bale shapes by covering it by net.


    - Material recycling unit helps to transfer the materials, which fall out from press room or bale, to press room again.

    - Bottom Conveyor belt transfer the bale from bale room to strech wrapping unit.

    - Double arm strech wrapping unit provide  optimum wrapping to protect the materials from external factors.

      DMR 100 DMR 500 DMR 1000
    Capacity /Bales Per Hour 30-35 Bales/h 35-45  Bales/h 35-45 Bales/h
    Bale Weight 80-140 Kg 400-550 Kg 750-1000 Kg
    Power Consumption 15 kw/h 35 kw/h 50 kw/h
    Bale Diameter 55x60 cm 90x100 cm 110x120 cm
    Control System PLC PLC PLC
    Pressing Unit Rubber Belt Rubber Belt Rubber Belt
    Wehicle Connection Drawbar Drawbar Drawbar
    Stretch & Net Width 35x70 cm 50x100 cm 75x120 cm
    Strech & Net Control Automatic Automatic Automatic
    Height / Widht 280x200 cm 330x240 cm 420x2600 cm
    Weight 5200 kg 9300 kg 12500 kg
    Working Lenght 900 cm 1050 cm 1200 cm
    Transport Lenght 650 cm 750 cm 850 cm