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    DMR 5000 4 Scales Automatic Packing Machine

    Best solution to pack different materials ( spices, cereals, pasta, seed, pulses, candy, pet foods etc…) in diffent amount from 20 gr to 10 kg. Our Machines are not only  provide fast and hygienic packing solutions but also contribute to develop of corperations by minimizing cost.

    - Loading bunker and conveyor worked sycronically provide direct and organized feeding.

    - Accurate and Fast Weighing.


    - Weighing Unit allows regular and accurate weigh, prepare products for more capacity and provide regular flow of materials

      to the bag


    - Printer for expiration date, production date, production time.


    - Quadro Tube used for shape the pack up to the product and product weigh


    - Hot sealing is the best and optimum solution to cut off air contact and protect long life


    - Loading Conveyor band for transfer the products to the packing unit


    - All system is operated by utomation PLC with touchscreen.


    - Product counter allows to show total workload at the and of the day.


    - Air Compressor supplies optimum air amount for all related units.


    - Roof structure design gives oppurtunity to controll and clean machine parts


    - Remote Connection for technical support.

    Filling System 4 Scales Lineer Packing system
    Application 200 gr-1000 gr nuts
    500 GR – 5000 GR Pulses - Sugar
    500 GR – 10 Gr  Powder Detergent
    Capacity 8-35 Pcs / m
    Pack Types Pillow, Stand up, Quadro
    Electric Supply 3x380 Hz 4kw
    Air Need  6-8 Bar 300 L
    Ambalage Types Opp/Cpp / Pet all, other Laminations
    Dimension (WxLxH) 190x250x325 cm
    Weight 1100 kg